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Shaping the back of a guitar neck with a file.

Custom Made Guitars

Hand-crafted from the finest tone-woods, Dunning Guitars are truely one of a kind. Contact us to find out how we can tailor a custom made guitar to fit your needs and playing style.
Using a drum-sander to shape the headstock.


From simple setups to refretting, we have you covered. Why trust just anyone to work on your instrument? Cody Dunning is a trained Luthier and is more than qualified to get your guitar playing and sounding it's best.
Using a chisel to form the neck.


Not only do we build one of a kind custom guitars, we also do repair work on vintage guitars. Contact us for a quote, and we will be happy to help you give an old guitar a second chance.


Dunning Guitars is a one man shop so there is a waiting time for any new builds, which can be up to a year. I have my standard models but will adhere to customization requests of the buyer and I will quote a price accordingly. A deposit of one-third of the total cost is required to place your order. Another one-third payment is due when work begins on your instrument. The final one-third is due when the instrument is completed. Prices are held firm from the receipt of your deposit until delivery. All Dunning guitars are warranted for life to the original owner against defective materials and workmanship. Normal wear to the instrument is not covered under this warranty. All instruments returned for warranty repair must be shipped pre-paid and will be returned collect postage.

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